Dealing with Bully’s

I think we’ve all had those days where we’ve gone into work and just absolutely dread making eye contact with a particular co-worker for fear of what he or she may say or do. This isn’t the co-worker who will constantly show you the latest pictures of their new baby rolling over, while as cute […]

Having the fear….

As a woman in a leadership position, one would think that you should be a fearless leader, one who takes charge and lead your followers into battle with a brave face. Last week it hit me however, not all women are born with this fearlessness and I was forced to take a hard look back […]

Addicted to Power?

Are you a power addict? You may laugh but the question is simple and serious. If you’re in a leadership position, power is as addictive as any drug found an any prescription bottle or back ally way if you’re not careful. With power comes authority, dominance of your employees, the ability to rule the office, […]

Preparing for Battle

So tomorrow I will do something I’ve never done before when it comes to executive leadership training. I typically consider myself an effective communicator with nearly everyone – across cultural backgrounds and sociological economical differences – but for the last 30 days, NOTHING I have seemed to say or do has seemed to matter when […]

A Juicy Recipe for Leaders

I will readily admit that I’m not the world’s greatest cook. When all of the other girls of my small school were taking home economics classes, I was THE (and yes I do me the ONLY girl) who never enrolled in a single, solitary course where I learned to cook or sew. Even at the […]

Power Struggles

It’s the weekend and typically I make time, force myself sometimes between multitasking, to come home and watch a great movie at home. I either don’t have time or frankly I’m too cheap to physically go to the movies, but I can justify watching one at home because I can pull my laptop out and […]

Pushing Restart

I’ll date myself for some of you – I remember one of the first video gaming systems, Atari. I loved going over to my grandparents house and choosing one of three games – Donkey Kong, Pit Fall or Space Invaders, usually Pit Fall, and trying like heck to get across the growing/shrinking pit of despair  You […]

A New Sheriff in Town

Change. That one word can strike fear into the heart of millions, especially if you’re the one who is expected to change. As leaders we are often thrust into the position to implement change and that change is often due to some negative inner element that occurred within the company to spark the need for […]

Six Degrees of Separation

Nearly everyone has heard of the game ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ where nearly every actor or person in Hollywood is just six people away from connecting themselves with iconic actor Kevin Bacon. In business, especially if you’re trying to get established, getting connected is the name of the game. But it’s not enough just […]

Leading Outside the Box

I’ve never been very good at fitting inside a traditional mold. In fact, the harder I try, the more my body and personality seems to resist. I often wonder what it means to ‘lead like a woman’ versus to ‘lead like a man’. Being married to a basketball coach, I’m familiar with the terms ‘man […]

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